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Tips for Landlords (3)

charging a card for rent

Rent Payments & Technology, 4 Best Ways to Accept Tenant Rent

Your tenant’s checks are bouncing. You notice some tenants' rent has been straggling in later and later as the COVID pandemic drags on. More...

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rental property in greater seattle with management

Navigating Your Property Management Company Relationship as a Landlord

Whether you’re in the market to hire a property manager for the first time, or looking to improve or upgrade your current property management...

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rental house in burien washington

How to Rent Your House in 2022: A Brief Guide

Seattle is not the only area experiencing high demand for housing, but it certainly is among the hottest growing markets in the United States. Given...

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large rental property

In Over Your Head? 6 Signs a Landlord Needs Property Management Help

Every landlord trying to go it on their own has at some point wondered whether their blood, sweat, and tears were worth it. Though hard work is...

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rental home in puget sound

Renting in This Housing Market: Is it Worth it?

With the current high demand for housing in the greater Seattle area, the urge to sell off unoccupied or investment properties in 2022 is completely...

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spreadsheet and calculator

Standard Operating Costs of Managing a Property

Managing a residential rental property requires planning, research, and know-how. While we can never fully predict the future, best-practice...

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empty apartment available for rent in seattle

Landlord Insurance: Do You Need It?

As you make the transition to a landlord, one important thing to keep in mind is insurance. Likely, you already have property insurance whether it’s...

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pet at home

Pet-Friendly Burien Apartments: Should You Offer Pet-Friendly Options?

Many people around the country consider pets a part of the family, but pets can present their own kinds of challenges within a home. So the question...

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well maintained rental property with view of downtown seattle

Proactive Maintenance: 6 Things Every Landlord Should Do

Whether you own individual homes or an apartment building, real estate is an excellent investment. However, one of the biggest expenses to any...

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Average Property Management Fees in Washington: Residential & Commercial

Average Property Management Fees in WA: Residential & Commercial

The further you dip your toes into the world of rental property the more you'll discover just how much work it takes. With just one rental home, it...

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