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Resources You Need As a South Puget Sound, Seattle, Burien, or Des Moines Multi-Family Property Owner

While real estate is continually the top investment type in the American economy, it still comes with challenges. Below you will find resources we developed specifically to help current and prospecting landlords get the most value out of their rental properties.

10 Questions


10 Questions to Ask a Property Management Company

Before you hire anyone to manage your investment properties, ask them these ten questions to ensure they have both you and your tenants’ best interests in mind.

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How to Get Maximum Rent for Your Property


How to Get Maximum Rent for Your Property

Getting a good return on investment while staying competitive in the Seattle metropolitan area market is what every property owner strives for, and struggles with. Learn how to get the most out of your property by understanding:

  • Factors Involved in Calculating a Property’s Rent
  • Ways for Getting Maximum Value out of Your Property

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Real Estate Formulas Cheat Sheet

This one page cheat sheet list the 12 real estate formulas every landlord needs to keep top of mind to operate a profitably real estate portfolio.

For a detailed explanation of each formula and their specific use cases, LEARN MORE HERE.


Helpful Blogs Written Just for Multi-Unit Landlords In the South Puget Sound, Seattle, and King County Area!

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5 Rental Property Tax Deductions You May Qualify for as a Landlord

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