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investment apartment

Apartment Investing 101

Are you a future landlord? If you’re looking for just the right thing to round out your investment portfolio, an apartment complex could be a good...

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mutli-family investment property in seattle

The Secret to Successful Multi-Family Unit Investments in Seattle

Buying an apartment complex can be an exciting and savvy investment. Whether this comprises one element or the lion’s share of your portfolio, sound...

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apartment exterior seattle

How to Deal with Mold Remediation For Multi-Family Unit Properties

Many tenants express concern about mold and air quality when choosing their next apartment. You could deter quality tenants by showing a property...

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rental listing photos

Tips for Marketing Your Rental Property on Social Media and Online

You are tired of showing your property to people who do not follow up or pass a background inspection. It’s time to get serious about social media...

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example of great rental photos

How to Take Good Showcase Photos of your Rental Property

It’s time to get your rental property photo-ready! The first step to finding a fantastic tenant for your rental property is to showcase your property...

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views of seattle and puget sound

4 Landlord Liability Issues You Should Know About in Burien, WA

From heart-breaking dog attacks to staircases that collapsed under tenants, accidents and injuries on a rental property always begin a discussion of...

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rental building king county washington

How to Communicate with Tenants About Rent Increase in South Sound, WA

If you’ve noticed your rental property offers competitive amenities below market price, it is time to raise your rent. Raising the rent is often part...

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real estate investment return in seattle

6 Ways a Property Manager Can Improve Your ROI

Your rental property got another ticket from the city you don’t understand. You can’t seem to find and keep quality tenants, though you have plenty...

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potential renters avoiding scams

How to Avoid Seattle Rental Scams

You’re exhausted by your search for the perfect rental. Your old lease is up soon, and you’re in a rush to find your new home. Suddenly, the ideal...

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