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Technology That Makes Tenants' Lives Easier

Taking advantage of the current technology available on the market is a practical way to streamline and simplify various aspects of the renting process for both you and your prospective and existing tenants. Here is a brief look at some of the most useful and important technologies that can help make your tenants’ lives easier.

Technology That Makes Tenants Lives Easier

1. Online Property Listings

More and more, tenants searching for rental properties are heading online as their first method of finding vacancies. If you want to reach more prospective candidates for your property, it’s imperative you have a quality online listing that is posted on multiple platforms. This means creating a listing that’s not only easy to find but that also includes a detailed and accurate description of the property, along with plenty of high-quality images, and utilizes mapping technology like Google Maps. It is critical to ensure your potential tenants can effortlessly learn as much as possible about a property and then schedule an appointment for a showing. Being able to do all that online gives you a leg up on competitors who do not provide that ease of access and information.


2. Keyless Entry to Properties

Providing your tenants with a keyless entry system to their property can make them safer and more secure, which is a crucial component of quality of life. Popular technology used for residential properties includes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other non-key systems. With an RFID system, your card only needs proximity, not direct contact, to open the locking mechanism, which means tenants must spend less time outside fumbling with their keys.


3. Online Application and Document Management

You should offer an online portal through which prospective tenants can apply for an open property or file important documents to go along with their application. That doesn’t mean you won't also accept hard copies of applications or documents, but offering a variety of methods for people to browse and apply for your properties opens the door to a more extensive field of applicants, improving your odds of finding the right candidate for your property. It also is one more way you can make a positive first impression on potential tenants. Plus, having everything stored electronically makes it less likely that documents will get lost.


4. Online Payment Methods

Another benefit of maintaining an online portal is giving your existing tenants the opportunity to pay rent digitally and even remotely. For many people, sending in a check or making an in-person payment is inconvenient and bothersome. With the help of technology, you can give them the option to pay their rent securely and quickly with the click of a button. You can also use technology to alert your tenants to an impending due date, which improves their ability to pay on time – benefitting both you and them.


5. Maintenance Requests

Using technology to log and track maintenance records is not only convenient, but it provides both you and the tenant with a record of the issue and when/how it was addressed. Your tenants can file a maintenance request at any time of day and from any location without having to call and connect with a person. With this system in place, you will also have an online log of all communications, which protects the tenant, the property management company, and you if any disputes or miscommunications arise.


6. Email Marketing and Communication Tools

Another convenient way to stay in touch with tenants and ensure they have an optimal living experience on your rental property is to have them sign up for email updates or electronic newsletters. By subscribing to an email marketing list and receiving regular updates from the property manager, tenants can be quickly and conveniently informed of any important changes, new services, emergencies, and weather-related issues. You can also share helpful or interesting information about the local area or advice for renters that they might appreciate.


7. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are an energy-saving mechanism that your tenants can easily control remotely so they can cut utility costs without diminishing their comfort level. Your tenant can automate a fixed heating and cooling schedule to control the temperature of their home, but also make adjustments from their smartphone whether they’re sitting on the couch, shopping at the grocery store, or vacationing out of the country. While smart thermostats aren’t an essential technology, they are one more feature you can easily incorporate at your rental properties to make your tenants’ lives less complicated and more comfortable.


Technology: An Integral Part of What We Do

Many rental software technologies provide a simple, fast, and secure way to deal with nearly every aspect of the renting process – from online rental applications to online payment options to tenant-landlord communications and even the ability to submit requests for service or emergency notifications. At Powell Property Management, we aim to use cutting-edge technology to help us deliver excellent and timely service to our residents, commercial tenants and our owners. Contact us today to learn more about who we are and how we can help you better manage your property and serve your tenants.


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